• Planning for the worst

    Most good Crisis Management takes place before the Crisis ever breaks. Good planning and preparation means that you are not having to invent procedures and hunt down resources in the midst of a crisis. We can help you develop a plan, test it, rehearse it, ensure that it’s properly resourced, and train your Crisis Team in the roles they need to perform.
  • Managing a Crisis

    When a crisis strikes, the first few hours can be critical. What you do and what you say now can set the course for everything that happens from this point on. Speed of response is essential. Call Chelgate’s 24 hr CRISIS EMERGENCY LINE 0207 9397 999 for immediate support, whether it’s strategic advice, or operational resources to help handle the intensified communications requirements which the crisis will create.
  • What We Do

    Chelgate Crisis provides two types of crisis service: Urgent Crisis Assistance, for those already facing an acute issue or crisis, and needing immediate support. Crisis Preparation, to help our clients ensure that they have the procedures, policies and resources to ensure resilience if a crisis strikes.

    Our emergency Crisis service provides round-the-clock public relations support and advice to organisations and individuals facing acute issues or crises. We deliver high level, discreet, urgent and effective crisis management support for clients on both a domestic and international scale.

    Chelgate provide expert, experienced Board level strategic advice to help our clients steer a path through the dangers and hidden pitfalls created by a crisis. But at the same time we have the resources to provide the additional operational crisis management and media relations hands-on support which effective management of a crisis can require.

    But before any crisis ever strikes, we also help our clients assess, review and test existing plans, or develop and put in place the Crisis Systems and Procedures they need to protect their business. We also provide the training they need to ensure that their systems and procedures operate reliably and effectively.

    Crisis management is an advanced public relations discipline, requiring specialist expert understanding of the different and often counter-intuitive dynamics that can apply during a crisis. Under crisis circumstances, standard public relations processes just aren’t enough.

    Our Crisis and Acute Issues Management work is led personally by our Chairman, Terence Fane-Saunders, a globally renowned expert in the field.

  • Support and advice

    Chelgate help our clients ensure that they are prepared for crisis. We offer a range of services: we audit companies' crisis preparedness, develop tailor-made crisis plans, and run demanding crisis scenarios. We train Crisis Teams, and provide Media Training for senior management and spokespeople. We also help clients prepare Issues Management procedures that incorporate early alert, potential impact assessment and Issues Management strategies on an ongoing basis. All of our services are delivered by senior staff, with a wealth of hands-on experience helping clients prepare resilient and robust Crisis Management plans. Call us during office hours on this number to explore how we can help you plan for a crisis, or handle a non-urgent challenge to your reputation.
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