About Us

About Us

Chelgate Crisis is a specialist division of Chelgate Ltd, a full-service, independent public relations firm headquartered at London Bridge, with branch offices in Cork, Brussels and Bucharest, and a global network of associates.

Led by Chelgate’s Chairman and Chief Executive, the Chelgate Crisis team provides high level, discreet and effective crisis management support for clients with crisis or acute issues on both a domestic and international scale. We also work with clients to prepare, test and practise relevant and realistic contingency plans before a crisis arises, or before an issue turns sour.

The firm has also built an outstanding reputation for its work in acute issues and crisis management, often dealing with exceptionally sensitive and challenging issues. Our discreet and low key approach to issues management, backed by a great weight of experience, has often proven central to the resolution of situations which otherwise might have posed grave threats to our clients.

About Chelgate Ltd

Founded in 1988, Chelgate’s own style is unusually discreet and low-profile, but its clients include some of the UK’s best-known businesses and a broad spread of major multinationals. At the same time, the firm is equally at home working with small and medium size companies, professional bodies and associations, as well as distinguished individuals. Governments and government bodies also form an important part of Chelgate’s client mix.

International PR is one of the firm’s strengths. In addition to its headquarters in London, Chelgate has branch offices in Bucharest, Cork and Brussels, as well as a network of carefully selected associates throughout the rest of the world, ensuring the effectiveness of its multinational programmes. Our Bucharest office, Chelgate Romania, has grown rapidly since it opened in 2006 to become one of Romania’s leading PR practices.


At Chelgate we place the highest priority on professional discretion.

One well-known satirical magazine called us “secretive”. This is neither true nor fair,  but we do recognise that our clients need to know that confidences will be respected, and that our relationship with them will never be exploited for our own benefit.

  • We do not publish lists of our clients
  • We do not announce client appointments (unless the client specifically requests us to do so)
  • We never discuss our work on behalf of any client without that client’s direct approval.
  • Our clients will never read about themselves in case studies, award submissions or media articles prepared for Chelgate’s benefit.
  • Many crises and acute issues on which we work never enter the public domain.  We are committed to ensuring that remains the case.

However, we will never be party to deliberate deception or criminal cover-up. Not only would this be counter to the ethos that underpins all the activities of this firm, but it would also be bad business, undermining the credibility and trust which we have built up over many years with media, government, regulatory bodies and others.  This credibility is important to all our clients.


Terence Fane-Saunders is widely regarded as one of the leaders of the international public relations profession. Before founding Chelgate in 1988 he was chairman and chief executive of Burson-Marsteller, one of the three largest public relations firms in the UK, and served as a member of that company’s international management board.

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Liam Herbert joined Chelgate in 2014, bringing with him a vast experience in a wide range corporate and public-sector communications roles. He has previously worked as Head of External Communications for Imperial Tobacco and Head of Corporate Communications for the City of London Police.

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