Crisis Preparation

Chelgate offers three services to assist clients with effective crisis planning.

Crisis preparedness audit

Chelgate reviews, or audits, an organisation’s readiness for a crisis, and reports back on what we find.

This is an in-depth analysis of how well the client is prepared. We use two methods to gather information about an organisation’s crisis planning: we interview key members of staff, and we review crisis preparation materials.

  • We  examine procedures and systems in place for Crisis Management;
  • We review crisis plans and support materials.
  • We assess staff preparedness
  • We examine whether the resources to be drawn upon in time of crisis are available, sufficient, properly resilient and fit for purpose

At the end of the review, Chelgate prepares a written report for the Client , which is then also discussed in person.  This provides a thorough review of existing Crisis Management provision, and makes specific recommendations where necessary changes have been identified.

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Creating and implementing crisis plans

Following a review of existing procedures and resources, Chelgate can work with you to develop and put in place a tailor-made crisis plan, reflecting your organisation’s unique mix of characteristics, needs, risks and resources.

We will then support the introduction of that Crisis Plan with team training, update reviews, crisis exercises and strategic consultancy, as required,

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Crisis simulation

Chelgate creates and coordinates a variety of crisis scenario exercises.  These may be comparatively brief desk-exercises, typically lasting three or four hours.  Or they may be full real-time exercises, with live situation simulations (interviews, phone calls, unexpected visitors etc).

Each scenario exercise is a detailed creation, designed to reflect and test the organisation’s specific characteristics, and to provide a relevant learning and practice experience for members of the Crisis Team.

Following each scenario exercise, Chelgate prepares a report, containing a detailed assessment and, where appropriate, specific recommendations

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