Other professionals

Other professionals

Chelgate works with a range of other professionals. Working in ad hoc groups, in meetings, conference calls or in joint email threads, Chelgate fits comfortably into diverse professional teams for clients who expect mature, effective cooperation from their advisors. Our clients value our ability to guide strategic discussions about a client’s next steps, or long-term plans, and sometimes also our ability to recommend appropriate expert partners from a variety of professional sectors.


Chelgate’s exceptional level of experience in dealing with crisis communications has been recognised by two of the UK’s  leading insurers, each of which chose the firm on an exclusive basis to offer Crisis Management support to selected groups of policyholders. Activated by the occurrence of an insured event, the policyholders’ access to Chelgate’s senior advisers is available 24/7, year-round, for strategic guidance or direct, hands-on, crisis intervention.

A high proportion  of crisis activity has a significant legal dimension. At Chelgate we work closely with our client’s lawyers, to ensure that legal imperatives and reputation protection considerations are drawn together in a single and effective response strategy.

Given the special nature of crisis management work, we often recommend specialist lawyers to our clients.  Similarly, many of our crisis referrals come from lawyers who know the way we work.  Lawyers specialising in defamation and reputation  protection are naturally often well-known to us.  But other sensitive cases may demand a variety of specialist legal skills, for example,  safeguarding issues, employment law, professional misconduct, safeguarding failures or other litigation.

More information about our work with lawyers can be found here.

Business Continuity and Corporate Insolvency

Chelgate also cooperates closely with corporate insolvency professionals, and with business continuity managers. Both groups have an interest in preserving market confidence while a business is either repackaged for sale, or ushered through  particularly difficult circumstances affecting the business’ day-to-day operating capability. If there is any hope of salvaging a business in administration or in the hands of business continuity professionals, marketplace confidence in the business’ future is critical. Chelgate works alongside the business’ owners to develop targeted messages responding to the specific concerns, grievances or priorities of key audiences, from shareholders and lenders to customers, suppliers and members of staff..


We work with a range of other professional advisors as and when required, from accountants to security professionals, collaborating as part of a team of specialists whose role is to protect or rehabilitate our shared client.